Three Imaginary Boys (+1)

Jerome is a former visual artist, Laurent jokes about his resemblance to Al Pacino and Filippo captivates everyone who listen to him talk about wines. This magnificent trio has arrived in Faenza on March 2 and 3 for the second episode of 2013 Postrivoro, our route for “gastropellegrini” in Italy.

Jerome Bigot had a grandmother with italian origins (“From the North, near Turin”) who taught him to cook. After

Jerome Bigot (ph. Andrea Basti)

Jerome Bigot (ph. Andrea Basti)

ten years as a painter in Paris he decided to change life and bought a small, delicious, restaurant in Lindry, a small village in Burgundy. It’s called Les Gres and when he speaks about it  his eyes soften. Even if it hasred hair and jokes with bottles you can see that is a man than you can rely on. (Ndr. In Italy we said that people with reddish hair are not reliable at all)

Laurent Cabut is an adorable “mascalzone” (Ndr. the word in italian is better any english translation). He works the gastro-bistro “Le Chateaubriand“, the first to launch the fashion in Paris and in the world, and is that kind of rockstar that no hotel director would ever want. He’s irresistible.

Laurent Cabut

Laurent Cabut (ph. Andrea Basti)

Jerome and Laurent’s four hands created a menu that we still have to reconstruct, in which it is hard to tell who did what. The only certainty was the cheerful chaos that reigned in the kitchen. Moreover each dish came out in a perfect shape, almost understated, but noisily avant-garde. I loved the egg poached in the duck broth, the veal tenderloin, and the dessert made with parsnip. I failed to catch the sea urchins with pumpkin and the one with the head of lamb. I was amazed by the hidden complexity of the ideas that were traveling in the 13 plates (5 entrees and 8 courses) that were up and down the kitchen.

Filippo Marchi is a guy that can talk about wines in the same way he could tell her daughter a fairy tale. The result is that

Filippo Marchi (ph. Andrea Basti)

Filippo Marchi (ph. Andrea Basti)

all the guests at the end of the events were ready to open his fan club. Realizing that the menu would have been subject to changes he brought almost a whole cellar to our place. On  Saturday afternoon he devoted himself to the choice with the help of the french chefs. We loved it, even though it was really difficult to manage ten different wines. For this reason we renamed him “Master of Entropy”.

These are the three imaginary boys of the last Postrivoro, but as is the case for the three musketeers that were actually and “emotionally” four, we too had another one to add. The fourth is called Alessandro Neretti, or “Nero“, visual artist of origin Faentina that gave Postrivoro some new friends. A room of imaginary animals from a selection of two series of artworks. Breed dogs that transform thanks to external elements like the wings of a swan and different animals of small size that are mixed together. To me it seemed to have the Maratonda of Alice in Wonderland at the center of the table.

La Maratonda di Nero

La Maratonda di Nero (ph. Andrea Basti)

“Nero” amazed us with his art, his tie and his constant hopping p and down between the salon and kitchen.

Two intense days dominated by chaos and surprise. Many friends came to visit us: Hugo, Sophie and Benjamin Les Fulgurances; Federico Orsi, a wine producer who offered us his Pignoletto as a surprise aperitif; Marina Bersani, the wine lover of Postrivoro in December and now part of our dream team; Francesco Falcone, writer and wine expert of the first event in 2013, Giovanni Cuocci from “La Lanterna di Diogene” di Bomporto; Sara Fantoni from Bar Schiavoni in Modena. The feeling was that of being on the deck of a ship during a perfect storm. (And we were not thinking about the current political situation in Italy)

The next Postrivoro will be a surprise event Slow Fish 2013!

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