Put a Barbera [ring] on it. Eliana Negroni’s jewels inspired by wine and terroir

Eliana _2I got to know Eliana Negroni thanks to  Marina Bersani, inspired wine lover and star of Postrivoro in December, and after looking at her works on the Internet, I decided to ask for an interview. Mostly I was curious about her approach  to metals – not always valuable ones but made precious through her work on them – and how she mix them with the world of wine as she made for the “Gioielli in fermento – Jewels in ferment” exhibition.
Reading what she writes about herself and her work, I realize how she’s able to put her energy to her transmits to her works haunts of the fruit of the vine, which is a pure concentrate of history, memories and emotions for me (ok , sometimes I say also terroir).
“Gioielli in fermento – Jewels in ferment” is an exhibition of designer jewelery that in 2012 reached its second edition. The idea was born in the environment of “La Vigna delle Arti –  vineyard of the Arts”, an ancient cellar and a residence for artists  in the beautiful estate of Torre Fornello in  Ziano Piacentino, a medieval castle surrounded by vineyards that produces its own wines. The works selected for the second edition of “Jewels in turmoil” were exhibited in an art gallery in Milan last November.

“I have been working on metals inspired bu my father working as an engraver, without melting them and with a more physical contact, a confrontation between the energy of my gestures and my tools and the substance and structure of materials”

Eliana lives and works in Borgonovo Val Tidone (PC)

M: Eliana, explain to me why did you call it “Jewels in Ferment” and where the idea come from?

Anello "Barbera rosso vitigno italiano semplice dal peduncolo robusto"

Ring”Barbera rosso”

E: “The idea comes from a double passion, jewelery and wine, and a series of  lucky encounters.
I can define it an authentic passion that exploits every opportunity to express itself. For this reason I encouraged a couple of years ago some friends to work with me on the topic of the story of wine and we involved a winemaker to accommodate the results of our work in the most suitable place, a wonderful wine cellar .
Jewelry was created for the occasion with a unique, strong personal connotation – do not expect a showcase of conventional gold and gems – they can be described as microsculptures for the body or contemporary research on gold. Sometimes they can be a way to re-use nature and meanings. In the end, they are infinite languages ​​that convey a new suggestion of the work in the vineyard and, finally, the taste of wine.
The “ferment” is a stimulus, a signal, a dynamic activity, the introduction of a result. On many occasions it happened to me to confront about our activities and projects with colleagues and I realized i was listening to the same elements, the same forces. Talking about it with Enrico Sgarbati of Torre Fornello,Of these elements has happened to me on many occasions to confront about our activities and projects with colleagues goldsmiths, and realize to listen to the same elements, the same forces.

M: In your career as a designer how did you get inspired by wine?

Collana "Ebrezzaepassione"

Necklace “Ebrezzaepassione”

E: “I dedicated to wine  a few pieces just thinking about “Jewels in Ferment”, trying to propose a sign that tells one of its features [as in the case of the ring Rosso Barbera], or a sign that evokes a feeling [as in the Ebrezza e Passione necklace] or a tradition on which it relies upon [the bi-ring seal Donna Sommelier].
Those pieces are absolutely different from each other, are enzymes that feed new experiments. “

M: I usually  rate the wine labels. Do you?

E: ” I’m usually impressed by the suggestion linked to the name of the wine, which in some cases can be translated in a stimulating creative image on the bottle. And, to me, this add something to the craving pleasure of opening the bottle. After tasting the wine there will be a feeling of confirmation, elation or disappointment. This is what happened in the second edition of Jewelry Ferment in 2012 in Milan, where we proposed the story linked to three specific labels of the same company, which I dare say came out very different results precisely in relation to the fact that all authors beyond the historyof each wine also had the opportunity to experience the taste of the first direct realization.

Recently I came to appreciate some labels and their contents for their  simplicity and clarity of the message to be conveyed. I later discovered that they were the object of international awards [Manaresi, Controluce].
And that deeply intrigues me engaging my creativity in a challenge that could drive me to work on a basic and clean design of an already accomplished and apparently strong image of a wine  out of large circuits.
And then, thinking about it, I can think of Champagne, not necessarily the famous ones … even with small producers. With delightful ‘etro labels. “


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