Do you know Bar Schiavoni?

In Modena there is a bar that makes sandwiches. So far nothing extraordinary. It’s called Bar Schiavoni, is located in Via Albinelli and the idea came to Giancarlo Rubaldi in 1977 when he took over a small place measuring 3x3mt  next to historical market Albinelli. In this cramped space he and his wife Franca prepared sandwiches, served coffee and filled glasses of Lambrusco until 2010 when they were substituted by Chiara and Sara Fantoni, two sisters who inherited the tradition of gourmet sandwiches.

Giancarlo has specialized over the years in preparing outstanding culinary combinations of ingredients for his sandwiches offering every day at least five different variants combined with the suitable type of bread.

Sara al Bar Schiavoni

Sara preparing sandwiches

Among the recipes handed down to Sara, who is in charge of the kitchen while her sister is at the counter, there are the sandwich with smoked duck breast  and roasted pine nuts with rocket salad raisins and balsamic vinegar, or smoked swordfish with tomatoes, red onions orange salad olives and capers, or mortadella with pumpkin cream and balsamic vinegar. Modena loves tradition, but with the new management there have been small changes that have maintained the reputation of the place and, indeed, have made it one of the most loved in the city.

On August 14th, then there is the ritual of baguette with cotechino roasted in the oven and topped with green sauce and balsamic vinegar (or pumpkin cream. Massimo Bottura put both sauces). Bar Schiavoni is also open on December 24th with its meat-free sandwiches (since you can’t eat meat on Christmas Eve) and December 31st for a light lunch before the laege dinner of New Year’s Eve.

Schiavoni in bici

Sandwich delivered with no emissions

I discovered Schiavoni in 2001 and since then it has been an almost obligatory stop for lunch downtown and or to celebrate important moments of my life (good and bad ones). Schiavoni has also become sustainable since when they deliver gourmet sandwiches by bike without CO2 emissions.

Bar Schiavoni is located in via Albinelli, 13 –  Modena (Tel. +39 059 240373)


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