Last Postrivoro on Earth (as if…)

Tattoo Leandro

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“Tattoes, sardines, scorzonera, snow, x and y cromosomes”

Last Postrivoro in 2012, ninth on this planet, closed with a perfect and frosty sky. In the kitchen there was the smell of soup cooked by Chris Wolff, assistant to Leandro Carreira. Soup made from leftovers, but full of heart.

Marina Bersani mentre allestisce la sala

Marina Bersani setting the table

And there was so much heart in this Postrivoro. Starting from Marina Bersani who wore a red dress, handicraft work of a tailor shop in Modena. And then she told us the story of the women producing the wines she presented. Marina that after two days of laughter and stories covered herself in a coat and helped us to dismantle the room. Humility of a real queen, as they say.

So much love in a gesture that is like carved in my head. Marina gave Leandro a taste of Amaro Nonino to let him evaluate the pairing with the dessert and after a small sip he handed it to Chris to share the experience. A fabulous team these two chefs who have shwed us the meaning of harmony and mutual trust that can be rarely seen. In the kitchen we breathed the air that probably the elves share with Santa Claus at this time of the year: laughter, hands and arms moving fast, something to add here and something to adjust there to come out with the perfect gift for all children.  A special playlist by Poggiodj mixed with Leandro’s choice was the soundtrack.

Probably we were pervaded by the Christmas atmosphere enhanced by the special tree created by Ilaria Lazzaroni with  hangers and aluminum molds for cookies. Guests were affected by its vision and stood with their nose staring at that ethereal and original pinetree.

Leandro Carreira in azione (e sorriso)

Leandro Carreira in action (and smile)

There were a lot of “leftovers” in this Postrivoro. Beginning with Lorenzo Rondinelli, the first sommelier of the first event, who sometimes return to help with guests. And then the friends of Osteria della Sghisa in Faenza, Carlo Catani, the boys of the Osteria Francescana, Franco “Speedcook” Rios Vera, Marko Kovac and Niko Dukan, who came from Zagreb to share with us the experience for the third time.

Some new faces wandered around the passe in the kitchen: Eugenio Boer and his wife Emma on behalf of the Government of Enocratia and Daniela Galvani from Impossible Living with whom we are preparing a surprise in 2013. And then there was Simone,  a young student of the School of Hotelerie of Serramazzoni (Mo) who helped in the kitchen, and Alessandro, office assistant at Osteria Francescana, who helped serving wine.

We missed a lot Nik Orosi that couldn’t join as because of a massive snow storm in Croatia. We missed his coffee too.

Chris Wolff, assistente di Leandro Carreira, e Simone De Gaetano, giovane aggiunta al team di cucina

Chris Wolff and Simone De Gaetano tasting in the kitchen

Currently, I don’t want to talk about the menu and wine pairing, because I do not want to shake these feelings from my shoulder, as lightly settled snow. No footprint, only silence, as if it were the last Postrivoro on this Earth.

(… But, in spite of the Mayan prophecy,  the next event is scheduled for 2 and 3 February 2013)

Postrivorous Christmas Tree

Postrivorous Christmas Tree

Chris style power

Chris-style power!

Postrivoro 9

Staff’s traditional picture


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