¡Que viva Barista! Nik Orosi and the R-evolution in a cup of coffee

Nik Orosi

Nik Orosi

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When i met him for the first time I thought he was a sort of mad scientist (you know someone like Doc Emmett L. Brown in Back to the Future). Hie espresso machine resembles something coming from a punk post apocaliptic movie. I think he could perfectly fit in a scene of Strange Days movie.

Nik Orosi was elected Best Bartender in Crotia for three years in a row and won the World Choice Barista Award in 2008. He own Elis Cafè in Zagreb.

His coffee will close the next Postrivoro selected in order to fit with Leandro Carreira’s menu and Marina Bersani’s wines.

With great humility he always tells us to feel uneasy to talk about  coffee with italian people. What i can say is that thanks to him I had one of the best coffee of my life and I can not wait to taste his next creation.

Why coffee? You could have chosen Martini like James Bond, or chocolate that is more avant garde.


Dall’account instagram di Nik

Why not? To be honest and less ironic, one night I had a dream with me preparing coffee in a box…next morning i said to my wife i was going to close the business i run at the time and open a cafe! She was furious at me since I’ve never had a single cup of coffee before and I really didn’t know a single thig about it.

Do you remember the first time you tasted coffee? Where are your favorite places to drink coffee in the world?

My first coffee tasted so bad i was wondering why people kept drinking that brown bitter tasted drink and spending so much time over that. My favorite places? There is only one place in the world for me if we talk about caffe bars and extraordinary coffee as taste and experience, and that is Tim Wendelboe caffe&roastery in Oslo, Norway!

How many type of coffee and way of preparing it do you know? What have you prepared for Postrivoro?

I love Chemex (Japanese filter brewing type-filter as we are calling it here around) but in my caffe is espresso and cappucino what people are drinking most. I wanted to prepare something new in terms of coffee preparation but after rethinking of what shall i do, I’ll stay with espresso that I call ‘reinvented one’!

Food is evolving and we are evolving when thinking over food and what is food for us. We are changing the way how we think over wine too. The only think that is lost in history (both for ItaliY and Croatia and huge part of the rest of the world) is espresso.  Tradition is something great that we have to take care of,  but if we stop questioning tradition and we stop playing with it by getting something better from tradition (in this case espresso), we will lose our tradition very fast and espresso (or coffee in general) won’t be anymore something we need and want and like.  You will see some new products in capsules, made in a second, not coffee at all but because of our blindness and being proud over our tradition, we will lose (as many of us are loosing already). Old stories over 7g of coffee, 9bars of pressure, Italian roast, this and that…C’mon people, its 21st century! I’m not gonna let so-called ‘coffee in capsules ready to serve’ to win over my knowledge and passion for coffee and in that light, im gonna prepare espresso that is not one you will get in your closest cafe!
Evolution is in the cup and if you find that R can be writen in front of evolution, why not!? Espresso needs both, revolution and evolution!



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