From via Emilia to the West. Interview with Marina Bersani wine lover and Postrivoro’s next guest

Marina Bersani


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On December 8th and 9th in Faenza three souls will stop wandering. They’ll be at Postrivoro, the imaginary animal that lives in the time of a weekend. Thirty-six hours to grab the flavours of Leandro Carreira, chef de cuisine of Viajante in London, the smell of coffee chosen and roasted by Nik Orosi, best bartender in Zagreb, and savour the wines poured by Marina Bersani.

Here is a brief interview with Marina Bersani, recently one of the main characters of Enologica 2012.

D. I really like the name of your page on Facebook “Il mio bicchiere notturno” (My nocturnal glass) that combines wine and culinary experiences with a very poetic writing. Why did you choose this name? Is the night made for wine?

R. “Il mio bicchiere notturno” is the way that I invented to fill the Fb page of  the place where i worked in the last 18 years.  One day a friend called me and sayd: Your Enoteca is on Fb.  I thought “Well, and now ?”

I confronted myself with white pages for a few days, then one night i found myself alone, I sit down and start from what i saw around me: my glass on the counter with a drop of one of the wines opened during the evening, people just gone, fatigue , laughter, chatter, plans for the next day.

And I wrote about what was in the glass, I decided not to judge the wine but just tell a story and add a little of me.
On the third or fourth day, while I was about to clean the counter, a person came and said: I loved your post! Others said the same thing, and so “Il mio bicchiere notturno” has become the beginning of my writing nights.

In your bio you quote the italian songwriter Francesco Guccini and you define your field of experience “between the Via Emilia and the West.” Has your land influenced you?

I am a country woman, daughter and granddaughter of peasants, farmers. As a child, I helped my mother  with the houseworks, while she helped my father in the fields and in the barn. My biography is certainly very poor and trivial compared to those who change country and language several times in life, and with so many people I always feel out of place.
I do not drive, a slight dyslexia prevented me from learning languages, I do not follow trends and I am proud to perceive what is right and what is wrong.
The Earth gave me stamina and a sense of duty I fought against for all my life.

In this blog I have often dealt with the relationship between female gender and the world of cuisine. A difficult one and often full of compromises. What is your point of view?

My mother told me (in dialect from Piacenza, my hometown): You are not able to realize thing.
She meant that I could not distinguish between what was permissible or right for me to do and what was not.
The first thing with which I confronted myself is that the world accept certain behavior from a man but not from a woman. I was born in 1965, thirteen years I had to take care of my younger sisters, but I could not read books.
Out of the house and finally independent I hoped to count as a person, but in the long run i suffered the limits of being a woman.
I’m not speaking of harassment or violence, but of being considered.
It is also true in relation to other women.

Years ago a lady came at my counter and told me about her life: she had a very rich father that didn’t love her, who wanted her to work in the family company while she had a daughter with a taxi driver.
The father on his death removed her from the will and she was left with almost nothing.
“So what?” I asked her.
“I got married” she said “But not with the father of my daughter, a married a lawyer met at the seaside and who was able to present my case to the court. I thought that i could not go without an husband and ask for what i deserved as my father’s daughter. They would have called me a mad woman”

They won the cause and then divorced.
The problem of women in the world of restaurants or wine bar is not that of the time spent working at night, the problem is that men create clans and customers like to party and talk about football.
Luckily I have known many men who did like to talk with me about other issues, but the problem is still there.


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